Wotoch Aayin: Face to Face with Crocodiles

Like the wild life? Do you want to see crocodiles up close? Plan a trip to the Maya Ecotourism Center, in the municipality of Calkiní, in Campeche.


The ecotourism compound Wotoch Aayin, meaning “the house of the crocodile” in Mayan, is located on Arena Island, Campeche. It focuses on the protection, reproduction and exploitation of crocodiles.


The local people formed a cooperative for the management, sustainable exploitation, reproduction, feeding and commercialization of the reptiles. Plus, they provide services to tourists, such as a restaurant where you can try dishes with crocodile meat and a tour to the local mangroves and to learn about their importance in the ecosystem. You will get to see species like flamingos, pelicans, raccoons, iguanas and crabs, to mention just some.

Crocodiles in Wotoch Aayin, Campeche. https://www.facebook.com/Wotoch-Aayin-Isla-Arena-Campeche-174331049291754/


And of course you can’t leave without an explanation about crocodile breeding, aimed at creating awareness about the need to protect the reptiles.

The place is in the Calkiní municipality, very close to the Celestún tourism area, on the border of Yucatán.


More information on Wotoch Aayin.

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