10 Things to Do in Val'Quirico, the Mexican Tuscany

Nothing’s better than gazing at Italy’s Tuscan landscape with the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes as a backdrop... Hold on, what?

Tlaxcala has the perfect getaway for a sensational weekend in the only European style medieval town in Mexico.



Since it is the newest town in Mexico, you can be among its first visitors... and take pictures that very few –if any–of your friends have on their Instagram pages.

Go on an adventure! Courtesy of Val'Quirico



It's a new residential and tourist area inspired in the medieval architecture found in the Italian Tuscany. You will enjoy seeing the stone and wood façades, alleys with bicycles leaning against the wall (all set for the photo), murals, flowers, cobblestoned streets... in other words, the best of Italy and Mexico in one place.

The façades of the different establishments are truly aesthetic. Courtesy of Val'Quirico



You can make a day trip to Val'Quirico or decide to spend the whole weekend there. Accommodations include lofts, chalets and cabins, all equally appealing. And you won’t want to miss visiting the showroom of luxury cars!



This is not just a pretty spot: among the variety of enjoyable things to do are shopping in its boutiques, attending a culinary event and visiting art galleries that periodically offer workshops and activities like film appreciation sessions.

Workshops so everyone has fun at Val'Quirico. Courtesy of Val'Quirico



Eating is one of life’s pleasures, and Val'Quirico takes that very seriously. It has several restaurants with international menus, cafés, candy shops, bars and bakeries to entice you all day long. And of course, who can resist a scoop or two of ice cream?

Delicious food with a view. Courtesy of Val'Quirico



On the weekend, you can have wonderful food in Val'Quirico’s main square, or zócalo, while listening to live music from one of the picturesque alleyways. You can also enjoy dance performances, equestrian displays, and other surprising shows.

Many cultural events at Val'Quirico. Courtesy of Val'Quirico



This is a place with something for everyone. While it’s great to go with friends, there is also an area for kids, called La Fortaleza de los Niños (literally, the Children’s Fortress), so the whole family will have a great day. Even your pet is welcome in Val'Quirico, where it will have fun in the parks.



Are you looking for a romantic destination? This lovely medieval town is irresistible when the sun goes down and the candles are lit around town and in the restaurants.

Would you rather enjoy it during the day, or at night? Courtesy of Val'Quirico

You won't resist walking its streets at night.

It's almost too perfect. Courtesy of Val'Quirico



As you can imagine, it is generally a place to go for relaxation and to enjoy the good life. But certain dates bring special festivities and activities, if you’re looking for that kind of fun.



And don’t worry about falling in love with the place, because there’s always the option of moving to Val'Quirico and making it an everyday experience. It is a community designed to offer a safe, respectful, peaceful and harmonious environment that welcomes everyone.

You'll want to come back. Courtesy of Val'Quirico
Remember: there's always the option of moving here. Courtesy of Val'Quirico



Main and Alter photographs are a courtesy of @Val'Quirico

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