San Antonio Mulix Ecotourism Oasis: Exploring Cenotes

Located some three miles from the city of Mérida, in Yucatán, the Maya community of San Antonio Mulix offers a different way to visit the cenotes in the area.


Through the Tumben kin Zonot cooperative, the Maya community administers the zone’s natural resources, which include cenotes. Cabins, camping and swimming gear, bicycles and guides are among the services that await visitors.

One of the best-known cenotes is named Xbatún. It is constantly photographed due to the unusual look of tree roots that descend toward the impressively blue water. A 65-foot stone staircase leads down to the water, and maximum depth is said to be 65 feet.

San Antonio Mulix Ecotourism Oasis.


Another one of the cenotes in the area, Dzom Bacal, has rustic cabins around it and provides the chance to go snorkeling.


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