Park EcoAlberto: Adventures and Thermal Waters

A canyon in Valle de Mezquital, in the state of Hidalgo, is the perfect setting for doing a variety of adventure sports or relaxing in the thermal waters, under the auspices of an Otomí community.


Of Otomí roots, the people in the community of El Alberto, have created a tourist attraction complete with thermal water pools and a number of activities for the whole family, in a canyon located less than two miles away. Among the options are zip-lining, boat rides, kayaking and rappelling, for extreme sports lovers.

Among the more peculiar attractions are nighttime hikes where participants play the roles of migrants trying to cross over to the United States. You can also take long hikes during the day to see the local flora and fauna.

Park EcoAlberto


It is located in Vallede Mezquital, in the state of Hidalgo. The zone is known for its handicrafts made mostly from plant fiber and cotton. Lodging is available in cabins finished in stone and wood and roofs covered with maguey leaves.


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Animation EcoAlberto

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