Moxie 88: Mexican Movie Producers in Hollywood

Dan Carrillo and Eugenio Villamar discussed a professional dream with their advertising agents: making their first movie in the United States with their own boutique film and television studio named Moxie 88. Not many months later, the movie Little Bitches had a set in Hollywood.


The film Little Bitches, by the Mexican boutique film and television studio Moxie 88 was made with a director, a producer, current actresses, makeup artists, costume designers and an entire first-class team. When it was ready, it was sold to a well-known studio for international launching. What Dan Carrillo and Eugenio Villamar, two young Mexican entrepreneurs, are after is to do things well, but differently, with a global outlook and above all, perfectly balancing art and business. In other words, they want to create a profitable financial model while retaining the creativity they are known for.


From the Courtroom to the Movies

Eugenio is one of the most outstanding producers in the Latin American independent film world. When he had not yet discovered his passion, he was a lawyer, but a lawyer who wanted to be a writer. That desire led him to the seventh art and Los Angeles, to do a master’s in screenwriting. Back in Mexico, he became vice president of production for a huge studio, where he produced numerous movies, commercials and music videos. The acid test as a producer came with No sé si cortarme las venas o dejármelas largas (I Don't Know Whether to Slit My Wrists or Leave Them Long), where he learned how to make a quality film with very little capital.

Dan Carrillo and Eugenio Villamar. Courtesy Moxie 88.


In the Seventh Art

Dan studied fine arts; as well as cinematographic direction and production in Dallas. From the time he was 14, he started working on various movie productions in Mexico. Then he directed music videos and television projects. From there, he jumped to collaborating with such personalities as Guillermo Arriaga and Carlos Cuarón. He also worked in large studios in the U.S. He produced the movie Sin ella and the short Zero Hour, which participated in over 40 festivals worldwide. He is currently working on his first film, titled Mortem.


Low-Cost Projects

Once they were familiar with the system in Hollywood, Dan and Eugenio began to discover a neglected market niche: 2-to 5-million dollar movies. “Most producers are used to doing big-budget films, and we focus on low-cost projects. Little Bitches was done with 1.3 million dollars,” Dan and Eugenio explain.

The plan for Moxie 88 (founded in late 2014) is to create a production infrastructure and attract investors from different countries to do two or three films a year.They will also diversify with television shows for Neftlix, for instance. The company has three locations: Mexico City, Los Angeles and Canada.

Dan and Eugenio are an example of how striving for the max gets people to believe in your project. That explains why Scott Aversano, former president of Nick Films and MTV Films, is a Moxie 88 partner.

Little Bitches is a comedy written by Nick Cries and is based on his sister’s three personalities. It will premiere soon.



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