5 Mexican Beers Only at Christmas


We realize that this is a season for sipping luscious cocktails and fancy drinks, but it’s hard to turn down a beer no matter what the time of year.

So, we have the five best seasonal Mexican beers for you. Due to their temperature, flavor and consistency, they are produced especially for winter consumption.

Guadalupeda Ponche Stout

Let’s start off with a 7.5% ABV stout, preferably consumed between 44 and 50° F. It contains wheat, barley, oats, special hops and seasonal Christmas fruits, so you’re basically enjoying a very cold spiked ponche. Drink it elegantly with Christmas and New Year’s dinner and then, less demurely, with the tamales in February, because experts say it pairs well with all those flavors. 

Lupe Reyes

A robust winter ale with smooth touches of toasted caramel and spices. With 8% ABV, it’s perfect to warm up with at this cold time of year. It pairs excellently with stuffed turkey, chile-marinated pork loin, romerito greens in mole sauce and even buñuelos (fried dough) and fruitcakes.

As its name indicates, it’s the beer that will be with you throughout the Guadalupe-Reyes marathon.

Noche Buena

Next comes the most traditional and popular one. Produced by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma brewery group –now part of Heineken–, its origins date back to 1924. This bock beer is only made to be sold between October and February, since it requires very low temperatures for fermentation. It is known for its medium toasted hue, robust malt flavor and hop and caramel accents. At 5.9% ABV, it is a light drink.

Santa Tomasa

Because this is a milk stout type of beer and the yeast can’t absorb all the sugars, it is a creamier, sweeter variety. Not only is lactose added prior to fermentation, but it contains coffee beans delivered directly from Chiapas, which adds a bitter note that provides balance to the sweetness of the lactose. It is great to have with a dessert. Produced by La Patrona, it has 6% ABV and is available in Querétaro and Mexico City.


The bright red label on this English strong ale, produced by Cervecería Colima, screams out “Christmas!” The very same sensation reaches the palate, due to the mixture of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, pecan and a dash of pepper that is in the brew. It’s perfect to drink with dried fruits and nuts or fruit desserts. Bottoms up!

If you’re not into straying from tradition, you can buy your hard cider here.

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