Juana Valiente, Luxury Has a First and Last Name Nowadays

Two entrepreneurs promote Mexican fashion with an electronic platform that carries unique products.


“The new fashion concept consists of being unique,” is part of Blanca Reyna and Brenda Knight’s philosophy. A year ago, these two entrepreneurs started to make their dream take shape: having a platform from which to offer select products by Mexican designers.

They have both been into fashion since childhood, and while they had no idea back then just how immersed in that world they would be, they did know that it was one of their passions and they wanted to do something with it.

Blanca Reyna and Brenda Knight, founders of Juana Valiente. Courtesy of Blanca Reyna y Brenda Knight

So, two friends from Monterrey decided to take off on an adventure they called Juana Valiente, a name that alludes to daring to be oneself (valiente means brave). Their brand stands out for the curating they do along with the designers. They look for designs that will stand the test of time but are also exclusive and unique. What you find at Juana Valiente is not available anywhere else.

Aware of the growth in online business in México, they are optimistic about increasing their market and don’t think about obstacles, but rather learning experiences.


One of their goals is to support Mexican talent, to show the world the quality of national designs and manufacture. They work with brands like Prisma Lab, Malia, Denisse Kuri, Jacobo Sin A and Laura Cantú.

Their products include clothing and accessories for women and men, and prices start at 500 pesos. Brenda’s favorites are the jackets, while Blanca is a fan of the dresses.

Browse through their online store at https://juanavaliente.com/

Check out their collections! https://www.facebook.com/juanavalienteoficial

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