Green Volunteerism: Heroes for a Sustainable World

It’s true: not all heroes wear capes, and millions of people in Mexico put all their super energy into protecting the environment. As we know, it is a great responsibility to live in a country that has 10 percent of the planet’s diversity, so several centers and groups provide opportunities to work as a volunteer around the country.


The number of people that grasp the importance of paying attention to how our lifestyle affects nature is on the rise, and they have formed organizations and encourage others to take part in their initiatives. Whether it is reforestation, looking after species in danger of extinction or developing sustainable technologies, the changes that are taking place are having a positive impact on our ecosystems.

Learn about the Mexican groups that monitor and work to conserve our planet.


1. Akumal Ecological Center

This ecological center invites us to its corner of Quintana Roo and strongly emphasizes that the international community is more than welcome to take part in the programs. Projects include coral reef protection, water quality management and rescuing the two species of sea turtles that inhabit the region. Be sure and check out the web page to find out about the great results they’ve had so far and the various efforts that you can be a part of.

Coral reef protection, water quality management and rescuing the two species of sea turtles. @CEA.AKUMAL


2. Earthgonomic Mexico

Because this organization understands that caring for the planet is everyone’s responsibility, it has a corporate volunteer program to foster the practice of sustainable activities and create awareness in companies and institutions, as a way of driving development in our country. They offer various kinds of programs that adapt to the company interested in “being greener”.

It has a corporate volunteer program.


3. WWOOF Mexico

This vacation concept has gotten very popular among young Mexicans. It involves visiting a farm where you can learn about agriculture, animal care, renewable energy and any other activity that ensures a self-sustaining lifestyle.

These farms tend to be located in very beautiful places in Mexico, so it’s not just about working but also playing and reveling in Mexican nature.

Learning from a self-sustaining lifestyle.


4. Los Cuartos Ecological Center

Volunteers at this center in Aguascalientes work mostly with children, so that they grow up with an environmentalist consciousness. For over 30 years, it has been organizing activities and programs that promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

So that the kids grow up with an environmentalist consciousness. @centro.ecologico.loscuartos


5. Projects Abroad -Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care

This volunteer program in Guadalajara is exclusively for animal lovers, since you will work in centers that rescue all kinds of animals. Activities go from internships for veterinarians to training animals so they can adapt to their habitat once they are released. It’s a great opportunity to learn from experts on fauna and get up-close experience with species that only live n Mexico.

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care. @gapyears


6. WWF Mexico 

One of the largest environmentalist institutions worldwide, it has several programs in Mexico, which encompass forest, ocean and species protection, as well as action plans to mitigate the effect of greenhouse gas emissions and implementation of regulations to reduce the food industry’s negative impact.

Contact the WWF office nearest you to get more information about how you can get involved in their programs.

WWF aims to implementat regulations to reduce the food industry’s negative impact. LIBRE USO MX


7. Online Volunteers?

Of course, in the communications era, distance is no longer an issue, and you can now change the world from your screen. Although it still involves a lot of effort, organizations like the UN and Greenpeace have launched two new initiatives that make it possible for you to join them on your own time: VNU and Greenpeace Greenwire

VNU is known more for its humanitarian work, yet it also has many environment-related projects that need translators, designers, editors, administrators (among many other people) to care for the planet.

Greenpeace Greenwire is a platform that lets you connect with a community of individuals who are also looking for a way to contribute to major pro-environment projects. They exchange information, news, ideas for projects and events that bring together the talent and interest of thousands of volunteers who want to leave a green imprint on the world.

Greenpeace Greenwire: online volunteering! LIBRE USO MX

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