Female Movers and Shakers

Male dominance in top-management positions is now being reversed, since the corporate world is seeing more and more women on boards of directors. The results speak for themselves. Here are ten women who head companies that racked up sales of over 307 billion pesos a year the equivalent of nearly 2 GDP points.


Meet 10 women who defied statistics by either heading large companies or making their mark for them from strategic positions.


1. María Asunción Aramburuzabala (Grupo Modelo / Tresalia Capital)

Mariasún, as most people know her, is on the Board of Directors of two companies whose sales total over 200 billion MXN: Grupo Modelo and Grupo Financiero Banamex. In addition, she founded the Tresalia Capital investment firm that deals primarily in the technology and real estate sectors.

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2. Carmina Abad (Metlife México)

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and CEO Headed by Abad since 2010, this firm is the largest insurance company in the country and the driving force behind operations in Latin America. In 2014, the Mexican market was a major contributor to its 27% sales boost.


3. Marina Menu (Danone México)


The company has four business units in Mexico, so she is responsible for serving over 350,000 clients, with a workforce of 15,000 employees. Company sales increased to 18 billion pesos.


4. Blanca Treviño (Softtek)

Chairwoman and CEO

The company she founded is the largest Mexican information technology firm, with gross sales that surpass some transnational companies. The firm's annual invoicing is over four billion dollars, while each period's growth rate exceeds 10%.

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5. Louise K. Goeser (Siemens Mesoamérica)


High-ranking positions are not unfamiliar to her, as she was previously CEO and Chairwoman of Ford de México. Goeser currently runs a company with invoicing that exceeds 16.5 billion MXN.


6. Ana María Martín Bringas. (Organización Soriana)

Regular Board Member, Organización Soriana

This is the largest Mexican-owned retail chain. In 2014, its sales totaled over 99.6 billion MXN, a figure expected to increase substantially in 2015, with the acquisition of Comercial Mexicana. Considered the fourth wealthiest woman in the country, Ana María is the only female Regular Board Member in the firm.


7. Lilia Jaime (Walmart México & Centroamérica)

Vice President of Operations, Sam's Club

34 years in this company earn Lilia the title of the woman with the highest position in this Mexican subsidiary. At over 95.6 billion pesos, Sam's is the price club with the highest gross sales in the country and the third largest invoice unit for Walmex.


8. Mónica Flores Barragán (Manpowergroup)

CEO for Latin America

Its indisputable leadership makes this firm a point of reference in the field of human resources, with gross sales amounting to more than 7.3 billion MXN.


9. Cintia Angulo de Leseigneur (Alstom Mexicana)

Country President and CEO

She has held this position since 2006 and is also a member of several boards of directors in both Mexico and France. During the past year, Alstom attained a 12.4% sales hike that amounted to over five billion MXN.


10. Nicole Reich de Polignac (BNP Paribas Cardif México)


With over 20 years' experience in the financial sector, last year she took over her new position, heading the insurance division of the French group that is looking to grow in this sector. In 2014, it closed with premiums of over 3.6 billion MXN.

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