Ecotourism Center Patzingo: Between the Volcano and Flowers

On the foothills of the Paricutín Volcano, in Michoacán, a Purépecha community organizes tours to see local flora and fauna, along with other attractions like the home of famous Mexican painter “Dr. Atl”.


Situated on the Purépecha Mesa, it is an area where pine, sacred fir and oak trees abound and gardenias, roses and jasmines grow, to mention just a few flowers. Communal guides are available to take you to see the local flora and fauna, as well as to attractions like the foothills of the Paricutín Volcano, in Michoacán.

One of the most popular tours is to the ruins of the town of San Juan Parangaricutiro that was razed by the volcano eruption in 1943. An old church tower still stands out from the volcanic rock, testimony of the town’s existence. Mexican painter “Dr. Atl” lived in the area for many years, and his house has been restored for people to visit.

Ecotourism Center Patzingo.


You can also enjoy the local deer farm and visit the neighboring community of Angahuan, where handicrafts are made from the wood of madrone and morning glory trees. You will also find textiles and pottery.


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