Ecolodge Top Che: Plunging into the Lacandón Rainforest

Do you want to go into the depths of the Lacandón Rainforest, guided by the very people who have taken care of it throughout the centuries? The Lacandón community of Lacanjá Chansayab will be the best guide there is.


This ecotourism center in the community of Lacanjá Chansayab, in the municipality of Ocosingo, is run by the Lacandón community. It is merely five miles from the Bonampak archeological zone and approximately two and a half hours from Palenque, Chiapas.

Paraísos Indígenas. Top Ché. Ocosingo, Chiapas.

Among the tourist attractions are small rustic cabins, a campground, food services and Internet by satellite. There are also guided tours into the heart of the rainforest, where the Lacandón will explain some of their secrets and how they live harmoniously with nature in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, where over 300 species of trees live.

Ecolodge Top Che, Chiapas.

One of the routes takes you to the Bonampak archeological zone, where you will be told the meaning of ancient mural paintings that have endured for centuries. Not far from there are other archeological zones such as Yaxchilán and Lacanjá.

The Lacandón are the ancient inhabitants of the jungle, and they call themselves Hach Winik or “true men”.


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