Chiapas: the coffee routes

Chiapas is the leading state in of coffee production on a national scale and its vivid green landscapes invites travelers to make this drink guide their way from one countryhouse to the next, discovering the secrets of its flavor.


At more than 1,200 meters above sea level, embedded in the Soconusco region and on the slopes of the Tacaná Volcano, the Coffe Route. It’s a place that has become into the figurative and literal seabed of coffee consumed in, practically, the whole world.It’s also a touristic site that hides a long tradition touched at some point by its Mayan gods.


100% Mexican Coffee beans

Let’s talk about history

It was during the XIX century when Chiapas’ coffee history began. It was in this state, given its rainforest climate, and specifically in Soconusco where the coffee countryhouses that every day keep writing a story with coffee as its main character first rose. Years later, these would become into a worldwide commercial and touristic attraction.


The dream route

Descending from 1,250 meters above sea level to 600. Walking among vegetation that evokes ancestral landscapes, and at the same time learning  everything about the cultivation, harvesting and exportation of coffee is only possible at the Coffe Route, composed by thirteen coffee countryhouses: Hamburgo, Irlanda, Argovia, Violetas, Santa Rita, Lindavista, Perú-París, San Antonio Chicharras, Rancho Alegre, San Francisco, La Granja, Chiripa and La Lucha.


By some sheer natural chance, all countryhouses have lined up to create a passage where visitors can learn all the secrets about this drink which has become one of the best companions.Besides, you can also practice rafting or hiking.

For Mexico, coffee represents a strategic activity: it gives employment to more than 500 thousand producers within almost 690 thousand hetares in 12 states and 391 municipalities.


Strategic Numbers
The coffee routes

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