7 Mexican Movie Posters to Collect

Mexican movies have inspired designers to create posters that areas iconic as the films themselves. Those pieces now belong to the General Archive of the Nation collection, since they are truly collection pieces. Take a look.


1. Miércoles de ceniza, (1958)

Few actresses have earned the fame and love of the public as María Félix did during her career. So, it comes as no surprise that she was featured on the poster for the movie Ash Wednesday. The film was somewhat controversial in its day, given that it was about the love life of Victoria Rivas, a woman who tended to fall for priests, precisely during the government’s religious persecution and the resulting Cristera Rebellion.

"Miércoles de ceniza". Courtesy of the AGN


2. Santo vs. Las Lobas, (1972)

There’s never been a hero in movie history like the Enmascarado de Plata (Wrestler in the Silver Mask), and this time he shows off his super powers fighting against Luba, the seductress queen of the lycanthropes. Need we say more?

"Santo vs. Las Lobas". Courtesy of the AGN


3. Supervivientes de los Andes, (1976)

The story was adapted from the Clay Bay Jr. book and directed by the legendary René Cardona. Although the disaster took place in the Andes in Argentina, the crew managed to film Survive! in Mexico, producing a fairly controversial and acclaimed film.

"Supervivientes de los Andes". Courtesy of the AGN


4. Los de abajo, (1978)

It is also based on a novel, The Underdogs, but the story now boasts stellar performances by Eric del Castillo, María de los Ángeles and Enrique Lucero. The story deals with the obstacles faced by a group of peasants trying to remain on the sidelines during the Mexican Revolution. Nonetheless, social injustice makes them join Pancho Villa to fight for the life they want.

"Los de abajo". Courtesy of the AGN


5. Yanco, (1961)

The hear trending story of a Mexican boy who, following the death of his teacher, decides to keep playing the violin at night, making the townsfolk think that his music is a sign of witchcraft. The level of technique and production earned the film 27 awards internationally, and it is considered one of the true gems of Mexican cinema.

"Yanco". Courtesy of the AGN


6. Macario, (1960)

This is one of the most celebrated films, not only by Mexicans but by filmmakers throughout the world. The best of national cinematography talent went into this project: with Roberto Gavaldón directing, Gabriel Figueroa in charge of filming and acting by Ignacio López Tarso, who won the Golden Gate Award for his work in it.

"Macario". Courtesy of the AGN


7. Zona Roja, (1976)

The poster definitely reveals an important part of the film: Leonor, the protagonist, is forced to work in a bordello to pay off her debts. The situation takes a turn, though, when the man she loves escapes from prison to rescue and run off with her. Red Zone is a heart wrenching story of love, social injustice and hope of attaining seemingly impossible dreams.

"Zona Roja". Courtesy of the AGN

Which one’s your favorite?

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