7 Fascinating Trips Deep into Indigenous Landscape and Culture

Numerous indigenous communities have united to offer travelers seeking unusual experiences the possibility of seeing the natural beauty of their homeland while also learning about their cultural legacy. We show you 7 successful cases or put differently, 7 trips you should make.


Mexico offers a full array of tourist attractions, but what better way to see them than by the hand of those communities that have preserved the mover the centuries and know all their secrets?

Indigenous groups work together with natural resources, respecting them and creating their own sources of work. Some of them have professionalized so as to offer better services and infrastructure, with their own means or assisted by governmental supports.

We give seven examples of projects that have been developed over the years and have made visitors very happy.


1. Woch Aayin

Isla Arena, Campeche

Maya community

Activity: Crocodile protection and reproduction



2. Ecolodge Top Che

Ocosingo, Palenque, Chiapas

Lacandón community

What to do? Archeological tourism at Maya ruins, hikes through the jungle, ecotourism


Top Che, Chiapas. http://www.sendasur.com.mx/


3. Parque EcoAlberto

Valle de Mezquital, Hidalgo.

Otomí community

Ideal if you like them: thermal waters, adventure sports and handicrafts


EcoAlberto Park, Hidalgo. https://www.facebook.com/ecoalbertoparque


4. Centro Ecoturístico Patzingo

Meseta Purépecha, Michoacán.

Purépecha community

Lots to See. Local flora and fauna, Paricutín Volcano, the town of San Juan Parangaricutiro, “Dr. Atl’s” house



5. Expediciones Sierra Norte

Sierra Norte, Oaxaca.

Zapotec community

New Experiences. Volunteering in greenhouses, traditional cooking classes, mountain biking, hiking, adventure tourism


Sierra Norte. https://www.facebook.com/Expediciones-Sierra-Norte-Oaxaca-144040009002423/


6. Kantemó, Cueva de las Serpientes Colgantes

Community of Kantemó, municipality of José María Morelos, Quintana Roo

Maya community

Natural Immersion. A visit to the Cave of the Hanging Snakes and to the Chichankanab Lagoon, bird watching, hiking.



7. Oasis Ecoturístico San Antonio Mulix

San Antonio Mulix, Yucatán.

Maya community, Tumben kin Zonot cooperative

To Do. Visiting the cenotes in the zone, snorkeling, ecotourism


San Antonio Mulix, Yucatán. http://oasisecoturistico.swi.mx/v

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