6 Applicationsto Take Care of the Planet with Your Cell

The COP13 will be held in Cancún from November 28 to December 17. At this meeting, delegates from 196 countries will debate how best to defend the biodiversity of the planet. To be in sync with this effort, we leave you a list of cell applications that can help you do your part in building a sustainable future.


1. GoodGuide

Now, as never before, our purchases have the potential of turning into an investment for projects we believe in. This platform lets us find out more about the products being sold and the conditions in which they are made: it publishes ratings on a scale of 0 to 10 to show the social, environmental and health impact caused by each one.

It uses alerts to warn us when we choose a product that does not comply with the environmental standards we seek.

The idea is that before buying a shampoo or hand cream we have information about whether the brand’s production processes reflect good environmental practices.



GoodGuide. http://www.geodessica.com/


2. WWF Together

Designed by the World Wildlife Fund, it helps us learn more about species in danger of extinction and explains the work being done to preserve them. It provides interactive, in depth stories about animals such as the panda, tigers, monarch butterflies...

There are also impressive, high definition full screen videos plus photo galleries and downloadable backgrounds.



WWF Together. https://www.akqa.com/work/wwf/together/


3. #Climate

It enables us to join environmental movements from our cell. All you have to do is specify your environmental interests, either on particular topics or endangered places. Then, the application points out actions that may interest us, for example, collecting signatures to prevent a mining intervention in a natural reserve.


Not available for Android


4. EarthNow

This NASA-designed application consists of setting up a multimedia library with all the aerospace agency’s graphic contents on our planet and updated information on global warming. It has interactive, 3D models of Earth, infographics and other data.




5. La Tierra

A simplified version of Earth Now, except that it is designed to teach children about environmental topics. It uses an interface similar to that of a video game, with simple, very colorful graphics. Unlike Earth Now, it does not inform about environmental problems caused by man but rather about natural phenomena.


Not available for Android.


6. Oroeco

It is a carbon footprint calculator, so we can see how each aspect of our life connects to climate change, from the transportation we use to the things we eat and the places we shop. It gives us options for compensating carbon emissions by giving out badges. We can share the actions with our acquaintances and be part of the positive change on theplanet.




OroEco. https://apkpure.com/oroeco/com.oroeco.oroeco

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