5 Agreements to Protect the Planet in the Cancún Declaration

The goal of the COP13 is to preserve and fortify the world’s natural wealth. One of the first accomplishments of the Conference is the Cancún Declaration, signed on Saturday December 3. This agreement commits the signatories to incorporate biodiversity into their laws and government strategies. It also makes them confront environmental challenges from a comprehensive perspective, with economic, social and cultural focuses.


In the Cancún Declaration, the countries made five basic agreements. Do you know what they are?


1. The commitment of governments. Their policies and programs must incorporate actions to conserve, restore and sustainably use biological diversity.


2. The commitment of companies. Sectors that depend on biodiversity or have an impact on it must adopt conservation approaches and use it sustainably.


3. The commitment to more natural areas. Governments must increase and reinforce their protected areas.


4. The commitment of science and technology. To generate and apply more knowledge and information that encourage biodiversity.


5. The commitment of education. To integrate awareness of biodiversity and its values into educational programs.


These measures will immediately start to be incorporated into each country’s agricultural, tourism, fishing and forestry sectors.

How will you get involved to protect biodiversity?

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